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/  Real Estate BI & Analytics Platform

We help design, build and manage Modern Data Platforms for real estate owners, managers and occupiers. Say goodbye to data silos and find out what makes VIUW unique thanks to an architecture and technology that enables today’s data-driven organisations.

 Real Estate Investment

Portfolio & Asset Management
Fund & REIT Management
Asset Optimisation
Construction & Planning
CRE Building Valuations
Sales, Leasing & Marketing
Property Accounting & Finance
Underwriting, Lending & Insurance
ESG & Sustainability
Climate Value at Risk (VaR)
Retail POS, Turnover Rent & Footfall
Acquisitions & Disposals
Capital Raise & Fund Financials

 Corporate Real Estate

Global Portfolio Managment
Lease admin & accounting
Building and workspace occupancy
Moves & Space Planning
Space Utilisation
Building Operations & Maintenance
Capital projects & Renovations
Occupant / Tenant Experience
Sustainability management
IWMS and Lease Admin Systems
Site selection
Transaction Management

 Building FM Operations 

Capital Projects & Renovations
Smart Building Analytics
IoTs and Remote Monitoring
Energy, Water, Waste Management
Building Optimisation
CMMS, Facilities & Maintenance Analytics
ESG Performance Management
Space Occupancy Analytics
CAM / Service charge recoveries
Contractor SLAs
Building utilisation


Portfolio & Asset Management

Integrate and consolidate data from multiple systems into a single screen. A central hub for tracking all asset and portfolio data in one place.

  • Connect to any property accounting or system (Yardi, MRI, SAP, JDE, Tririga…)

  • Unlimited ledgers, multiple charts of accounts, any time period

  • Consolidate complex portfolio and ownership structures

  • Rapidly speed up data validation and fixing

Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting

Track and measure the financial performance of your investments. Make quick, accurate and flexible forecasts and deliver budget projections with increased accuracy

  • Reduce process cycle times for budgets and long-term forecasts

  • Increases budget projection accuracy

  • Track variances in real-time with alerts

Investment & Asset Modelling

Simulate new deals, refurbishments or the overall performance of your assets with advanced modelling capabilities. Create scenarios from the ground up and explore what-ifs to help you deliver results.  

  • Create deep scenarios for decision outcomes and track variances 

  • Ask ‘What-if’ with advanced scenario modelling 

  • Forecast seasonal or economic changes

  • Automate calculations and methods

Asset Optimisation

Optimise performance and maximize yield with a total platform of innovative tools powered by predictive analytics. Gain new insights with probability modelling, revenue management and benchmark for peak performance. 

  • Quickly identity and track under-performers

  • Revenue and pricing recommendations

  • Ideal renewal and expiration management

  • Time refurbishments and capital projects

Smart Building Analytics

Identifying and collect large quantities of data from your building’s systems, we process and analyse that data to provide meaningful insights that allow you and your teams to act accordingly..

  • Energy metering, Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)

  • Meet sustainability targets across your building portfolio

  • IoT, Building Automation Systems, CMMS

  • Utilisation, Space occupancy, meeting rooms, footfall

Capital Projects & Renovation 

Unify data and analyse options and to create defensible budgets. Objectively model multi-year capital plans that optimise and align real estate portfolio investments with your strategy. 

  • Model Spending Scenarios and construction costs

  • Optimise Capital Planning Conditions

  • Timeline, resource and benchmark progress

  • Prioritise and direct spending to where it is needed most

Facilities & Maintenance (FM, CMMS)

Optimise facility and asset maintenance, analyse work orders, equipment reliability, SLAs, maintenance operations and costs, identify inventory inaccuracies and compliance risks.

  • Monitor team performance, asset metrics, PM compliance

  • Forecast manpower, partsmaterials and other planning indicators

  • Manage and optimise asset lifecycles

  • Analyse contract management and SLAs


Climate Value at Risk (Climate VaR)

Managing climate change risks and capture new opportunities to protect investments and optimize performance while at the same time reaching sustainability goals. 

  • Generate insights to evaluate climate-related risks

  • Deep outlooks into the future physical impacts of climate change

  • Potential alpha factors in low carbon technology innovation

  • Identification of long-term, climate-related impacts for asset allocation

Cash Flow Projections

Unlimited forecasting up to 15 years in the future shows you what lies ahead for your portfolio. Get full control of your business by monitoring cashflow daily, weekly or monthly, and use your projections to move forward confidently.

  • Detailed payments and receipts

  • Automated calculations

  • Use actual historical data and build in seconds

  • Add-on non-financial data for a wider perspective

Portfolio Planning

Advanced portfolio and asset planning. Detailed, flexible business planning for on-going management, acquisitions and disposals. .

  • Layout your plan with scenario and performance dashboards

  • Add commentary and annotate assumptions

  • Build forecasts using historical asset and portfolio data

  • 3D Modelling and Tenant mix planning

Building Energy & Sustainability

Manage and analyse energy data to reduce consumption and spend. Combine energy data – from bills or meters, site attributes, and maintenance history to better manage your facilities.

  • Decisions based on Energy Consumption data 

  • Decrease Compliance Risks

  • Real-time energy monitoring to cut costs

  • Find instances of waste, inefficiency, error or neglect

Transactions – Aquisitions & Disposals

Ensure the most successful acquisitions, disposals, lease renewals and commercial rent reviews. Shape your decisions with data and insights.  Achieve the best financial outcome in keeping with your organisation’s long-term strategy.

  • Full transaction visbility and financial analysis

  • Quickly identify cost savings in your business

  • Optimisation of your transaction footprint

  • Model expansion, portfolio realignment or consolidation