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Discover insights, predict outcomes, and make data-led decisions on a complete CRE Real Estate Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) Platform. Leverage our expertise to combine commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio data and quickly scale analytics capabilities.

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Digital Products

We help real estate owners and managers reinvent or modernise existing digital platforms, products, and experiences to move business forward. It’s time to step into the future.

Web Apps       Data Apps       Mobile Apps       Cloud

Data Solutions 

Transform into a data analytics powered organisation. We help you build intelligent data products that learn, connect, delight – and most importantly help you see around corners.

IoT      Migration       Dashboards       Visualisations

Cloud Platforms 

We are helping forward-looking companies unlock data and realise measurable value from the latest advances. Move applications and shift workloads and make a real difference.

Cloud-native dev    Digital Transformation    Migration

CRE BI Platform

Business Intelligence for Real Estate Leaders

Unlock the value in your CRE real estate data with a centralised and holistic view of the portfolio. Connect all datasets for real-time building and financial intelligence, advanced forecasting, integrated planning, performance reporting and custom dashboards and visualisations. 


Connect to property accounting systems consolidate all your portfolio and financial insights


Monitor your portfolio with custom KPIs and automated variance tracking.    


Modeling, forecasting, budgeting and planning tools. Hyper-accurate with deep predictions


Connect, share and collaborate on insights and plans, annotate, tag and track.

viuw integration

Unlock meaningful insights with a data analytics partner

VIUW provides a mix of technology, data management, analytics and CRE real estate expertise.  Helping you to democratise access to data and insights across your CRE real estate portfolio.

  • Get the technical support you need to enable data-led decisions

  • Improve the ROI and efficiency of your real estate portfolio

  • Custom data-apps, models, visualisations and portfolio reporting

  • Smarter decisions using predictive analytics and machine learning

Analyse, monitor and forecast performance

Simplify the financial planning process for all levels of the real estate portfolio. Plan for the future by forecasting based on live data pulled from trusted property and IWMS systems. 

Portfolio, Building & Asset Intelligence
Strategic Goal Setting
Re-Forecasting & Planning
Investment & Asset Modelling
Risk & Sensitivity Analysis

Leverage data from all property systems, partners and silos 

Manage changing data sources or reporting needs with pre-built and custom connectors, data quality controls and best practices. 

  • Get in control of your live and historical data for strategic planning

  • Property Management, ERPs & IWMS systems

  • Extract data from CMMS, FM, Building systems and IoTs

  • Load data from partners, property managers and service providers

  • Connect CRMs, Retail POS, footfall, sales, loyalty and more

  • Upload market transactions and comparables for benchmarking

Digital Twin & Boardroom Reporting

Experience executive decision making and commercial property planning with augmented digital assets. 

  • 3D Interactive Digital Twin 

  • Custom dashboards, visualisations and stories

  • PowerBI, Data-Apps, Self-service analytics

  • Simulate the impact of future decisions

  • Plan tenant and trade mix for retail and office

Data Analytics for Real Estate Managers  

Make the most of your data with our analytics services. Get powerful and actionable insights  

Predict future rent and disposition with high accuracy

Identify market trends and shifts in advance

Time capex decisions and simulate impact

Optimise pricing to maximise rental returns

Pin-point opportunities to enhance value

3D Visual asset & location intelligence


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